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Cobs Corner Montessori School

A sunny school with lots of natural light where we promote work, play, interaction, music, pre-numeracy skills and creativity from baking to movement and music including arts and crafts where children are free to interact with their environment in a safe, loving and nurturing space.

Senses are the gateway to learning, therefore a Montessori classroom comprises of sensorial activities which are based on special sensorial materials. The sensorial material also prepares the child’s mathematical mind which helps the children to easily understand the basic mathematical concepts

Utilizing time tested Montessori principles engenders self-esteem, independence and a sense of responsibility that promotes a love for learning, encouraging children to explore their environment thus fostering confidence and independence.

Complimenting our academic goals we also offer:

  • Extra Murals Activities including Speech and Drama; Tumble bears
  • Aftercare
  • Holiday programs
  • School readiness programs
  • Swimming Lessons and Water Safety

In addition:

We are located on the same premises as Swimlab Swim School -Kirstenhof and offer swimming lessons for all ages and on all levels in a professional indoor and heated environment.

Our instructors are all registered and qualified with Learn to Swim South Africa and Western Province Aquatics and possess CPR and level 1 first aid certificates.

We are qualified to teach infants (from 6 months), beginners, stroke correction and water safety, thus providing a most valuable life skill from the safety and security of our premises.

“Cobs Corner Montessori Pre-School is currently processing admissions for 2018, we still have a few spaces available.
Email us: info@cobscorner.co.za

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